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Welcome to Team Seacole

(Early Years Foundation Stage Unit)

In Team Seacole (age 3- 5 years) we inspire children through the use of themes and books that ignite the children's imagination and open new doors to the wonders around them.   We also keenly follow the children's own interests during their 'discovery time' which can take learning in all different directions! This encompasses a broad and creative curriculum which develops the children's confidence, independence, thinking and problem solving skills in a warm and nurturing environment.

Our morning sessions for pre-school children runs alongside and with the reception children from 9am until 12.00 noon during term times.  The pre-school is covered by the 3 and 4 year old funding of 15 hours a week.

Mrs Fiona Owen and Mrs Nicola Turton



Welcome Booklet for parents/carers 2021-2022

Starting in Reception Class 2020-2021

All About Kennett Primary School 2020 (when you start)

NHS Transition Guide - Is your child ready for school?

This is a handy guide to help you 'What to Expect, When'


Our Curriculum

In the EYFS we follow the 'Development Matters' framework as a guide to teaching and learning alongside our own daily lesson plans which follow a theme that is adapted and guided by the children's interests.

Early Essence - Your child's interactive learning journey.  Please click on link with your personal login details.  You can add new learning and / or see what your child has been achieving from the comfort of your home!



Click on link above and below to find plenty of learning activities and resources as well as websites to keep your children busy while being at home. 

If you need any help at all please do message me via the Class Dojo. 

EYFS timetable to help support learning through the day! 

Please when writing ignore the handwriting tips & print versions and keep to our 'flying phonics' pre-cursive style so not to confuse the children.  The letter groups are still the same. 

I always say that what ever works for your child is the best tip as long as they are happy and comfortable and want to put pencil to paper so please don't worry! if your child isn't ready to form letters keep going with the play dough, Lego, having fun with mark making and all the other fun fine motor skills activities that you do! 

Elective Home Education contributing to learning materials

Home education rightly reflects a diversity of approaches and philosophies, ranging from a formal structured, time-tabled programme to a more informal, experiential approach to learning.  The Elective Home Education Team have a plethora of resources to support parents teaching at home which you can find here:

  • Guidance for families currently learning at home can be found here.
  • The resource list can be found here.

Learning through Play Activities

Learning through Play Activities (updated 12th May)

Please see the letter underneath about our new home and school teaching and learning approach



Extra home learning links

The sector-led Oak National Academy has  launched its online classroom and resource hub. The Academy offers video lessons each week for schools and parents to use, across a broad range of subjects. The lessons cover children in Reception through to Year 10 and are free to use by both teachers and young people.
The Oak National Academy can be accessed here:

Daily Maths Lessons with WhiteRoseMaths -

My Best Ever Play Dough Recipe

Flying with Phonics handwriting phrases

Reception Activity Pack - Twinkl

Reception Activity Pack - Classroom Secrets

Tell a story - CBBC Bedtime Stories

Play with Phonics

Number play 

Reading books, games and other fun

See bottom of page for further useful links!

Themes around our exciting learning

(All children in the EYFS experience and enjoy our themed planning at an age related and appropriate level - for e.g. Preschool will enjoy listening to a story and can still take part in orally retelling a story alongside a child in reception who is then being moved on to write a retelling. Preschool also take part in lots of physical development activities that will enhance their fine motor skills ready to write which the reception age children love to do and this will only support and strengthen their skills)


Approach to number - an overview of Strategies and Methods

Please see this helpful guide to explain Maths Mastery and how you can help your child at home.



This is the scheme of work which we follow as a guide to ensure a full coverage of the teaching of phonics


Home Learning

In Reception, as soon as your child is ready they will be given a school reading book with a reading record.  Your support in sharing a page or 2 with your child daily is very much appreciated.  5 or 10 minutes is all that is needed.  We endeavour to try and change books / read with children most days so please keep these books in the book bag. All children are also encouraged to take a library book home and be read to.  The value of sharing a book from birth enhances early speech and language skills too!


Here are some handy resources to support learning

The first 45 High Frequency Words by end of Reception Year

The First 100 High Frequency Words

Numbers for parents/carer

Jolly Phonics Action Sheet 

Letters and Sounds Key Tricky word mat

Writing tips


Helpful Links

The Safer Strangers and Safer Buildings Code

Powerpoint of the ALPHABET SONG

Here is a list of useful websites for parents/carers to use with their children: