The Weatheralls Primary School

Staff List

Leadership Team

Mr Scott Horsley Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Prevent Lead, Domestic Abuse Lead, UNITY CUSP Coordinator, Wellbeing Council Lead, Computing Lead and PE Lead
Mrs Michelle Mountford Assistant Headteacher Teacher (Year 1 & 2), Deputy DSL, EYFS  Lead, Languages Lead and English Lead 

Teaching Team

Mrs Fiona Owen Teacher (Foundation), PSHE & RSE Lead & RE Lead
Mrs Michelle Mountford Teacher (Year 1 & 2)

Mrs Jackie Deal

Teacher (Year 3 & 4), Mathematics Lead & Science Lead
Miss Laura Jolley Teacher (Year 3 & 4)
Ms Melanie Cotton Teacher (Year 5 & 6), Art Lead, DY Lead & Music Lead
Mrs Lorna Kirk

Special Educational Needs Coordinator 

Administrative Team

Mrs Sian Newton Administrator, receptionist (Tuesday to Friday)
Mrs Alice Greenwood Administrator, receptionist (Monday, Wednesday & Thursday)

Pre-School Team

Mrs Nicola Turton Pre-School Leader

Teaching Assistant Team

Ms Anne-Marie McDowell Teaching Assistant (Year 1 & 2)
Mrs Elisa Smith Teaching Assistant (Year 1 & 2)
Mr Matthew Gooding Teaching Assistant (Year 3 & 4)
Miss Abbie Levell Teaching Assistant (Year 3 & 4)
Miss Ashlea Bryant Teaching Assistant apprentice (Year 5 & 6)
Mrs Jo Sheppard Teaching Assistant (Year 5 & 6)

After School Club Team

Mrs Jude Bryant After School Club Assistant (Casual)
Mrs Melanie Girling After School Club Assistant
Mr Matthew Gooding Sports Coach

Breakfast Club Team

Mrs Carol Sessions Breakfast Club Leader 
Miss Abbie Levell Breakfast Club Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisor Team

Mrs Diane Wallis Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Abbie Levell Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Anne-Marie McDowell Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Carol Sessions Lunchtime Supervisor

Site Staff / Cleaner

Mrs Diane Wallis Cleaner in Charge
Mrs Melanie Girling Cleaner

Sports Coach

Mr Matthew Gooding Sports Coach

Catering Team (employed by Chartwells)

Mrs Tracy Colbert Kitchen Manager
Mrs Diane Wallis Catering Assistant
Ms Geraldine Newman Kitchen Assistant