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Pupil Premium

Information for parents and carers

What is it?

The Pupil Premium is government money designed to help disadvantaged children and young people do well at school. The funding is allocated to schools for children Reception to Year 11 who have registered for free school meals in the last six years, are Looked-After children or have parents in the Armed Forces.

In the 2017 to 2018 financial year, schools will receive the following funding for each eligible child registered:

  • £1,320 for primary-aged pupils
  • £300 for young people with parents in the armed forces
  • £1,900 for each looked-after pupil who 
    • has been looked after for 1 day or more
    •  was adopted from care on or after 30 December 2005, or left care under a special guardianship order or a residence order

How much Pupil Premium money does our school receive?

The Pupil Premium for the April 17 to March 18 is £7920.

How is it spent?

After much research, we have decided to focus our Pupil Premium funding on:

  • Learning Mentors to provide good quality feedback to pupils, following one-to-one directed time with the pupils
  • Phonics and Spelling
  • Building skills for learning and developing attitudes to learning
  • Parental Engagement

We will also be talking to pupils, parents and carers of children receiving the funding, to ask for their ideas on what will most help. Some children will already be doing well in Literacy, Numeracy or other subjects. But there may be things we can do to stretch them further, to help them aim high, or to build their confidence – like having a Teacher or Teaching Assistant for certain activities to developing their skills further or purchasing individual resources.

Some children may need financial help so that they can take part in trips and activities of a cultural and /or academic nature. If children are behind in English, Maths or other subjects, we may arrange for them to have special small group or one-to-one teaching. We call these ‘intervention programmes’. We choose the classroom approaches and intervention programmes that research shows work.

We may spend some of the money on training for staff to make sure they are up-to-date with the latest knowledge about what works for disadvantaged children/young people. How much parents and carers get involved with their child’s learning makes a huge difference to how well they do at school. So we may also spend money on activities that help keep you informed about their targets, and confident in knowing how to support their learning and development.

How will parents know it is working?

We track all children’s progress each term, so we can quickly see if plans are working. If your child takes part in an intervention programme, we will also measure how they are doing at the start of the programme, and the end, so we can see the difference. We will report to you at parents’ evenings, held in the Autumn and Spring Terms and in writing in the Summer Term but if you would like information on your child’s progress at any time, please get in touch with the Class Teacher.  

Where can I get more information?

For more information about how we plan provision and track progress please speak to Mr Horsley.

I am not sure if my child could have free school meals – where can I get more information?

Please arrange to speak to Mrs Newton/Mrs Parson in the school office or Mr Horsley. This discussion can be made in confidence and both members of staff will be pleased to help.

What did we find out last year about how well the Pupil Premium had worked?

Learning Mentors - Providing targeted support for students to raise standards particularly in English and Mathematics, through effective feedback supported has supported us closing the gap between Pupil Premium and Non-Pupil Premium children. We will build on this work further to ensure a more personalised approach to the mentoring.

Pupil Premium Report 2018/19 

Pupil Premium Report 2019/20

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