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At Kennett Primary School, we are committed to ensuring that every child is a reader by the time they leave Key Stage One. We hold this ambition because reading opens doors within and across the wider curriculum. Reading underpins all learning and is a strong feature across all subjects. Fostering a love of reading is vital and permeates throughout our Kennett curriculum. Through our engagement with the Unity Curriculum, children access and enjoy a wide range of texts; these develop cultural capital and broaden horizons, promoting a sense of awe and wonder.


At Kennett, we use Accelerated Reader to assess and track independent reading practice. A key aspect of the Accelerated Reader program is the use of ZPDs.  Each child in Key Stage Two completes a termly Star Reading Test; this ensures that children are able to select books that match their reading ability.  To further support children with their reading choices, we have banded all of the books in our fiction library with ZPDs.

Can my child read books outside of their ZPD?

Yes, your child can choose to read anything they like and we encourage a wide and varied reading diet. The most important element of Accelerated Reader is practising reading skills; only quizzes linked to books within your child's ZPD will be added to their points score and word count. Children should be able to quiz successfully, passing over 90% of the quizzes taken, to show that there is a good match between the child's comprehension skills and the books they are reading. Children will complete Star Tests during the first half of each term and their ZPD will be adjusted accordingly. 

How do we celebrate reading?

We hold a monthly reading assembly, where we celebrate individual reading achievements.  A child will be chosen each month - by their class teacher - and they will receive a special Accelerated Reader token to celebrate their hard work and resilience. The Millionaire’s Club will consist of children who have read one million words! It will take time to achieve this and those who join the Millionaire’s Club will be displayed in our Millionaire’s Hall of Fame.