The Weatheralls Primary School

Extra-Curricular Activities

At Kennett Primary School we offer a wide variety of optional extra-curricular activities to help students discover new skills and interests and primarily enjoy school life! 

These clubs are successfully volunteered and run by staff, our older children and sportscrew members (overseen by staff) and outside providers who have specific coaching skills. 

We endeavour to give children lots of different and new activities to try throughout the year and always welcome suggestions for clubs from parents and carers.  If any person would like to volunteer to run a club at Kennett Primary school then please do come in and see us.

Many of the clubs and activities are completely free of charge except for those where they are run by an outside agency or where the club is linked to specific graded examinations, such as LAMDA. 

Clubs are available to signup to on ParentPay. Please note that if any of the clubs are full then please do pop into the office so children can be added to a reserve list.   

These are the clubs which are on offer this Autumn Term 2019