The Weatheralls Primary School

Building Learning Power


BLP - Building Learning Power is an approach originated by Professor Guy Claxton.  It is about helping young people become better learners.   

We call it 'Learning How To Learn'!

BLP schools have been pioneering ways of taking this ambition really seriously

 Kennett Primary School embeds this ethos alongside the vital life skills learnt in key stage 2 with the Primary Edge!

Guy Claxton’s Three Core beliefs:

  1. BLP believes that the core purpose of education is to prepare young people for life after school; helping them to build up the mental, emotional, social and strategic resources to enjoy challenge and cope well with uncertainty and complexity
  2. BLP believes that this purpose for education is valuable for all young people and involves helping them to discover the things that they would really love to be great at, and strengthening their will and skill to pursue them.
  3. This confidence, capability and passion can be developed since real-world intelligence is something that people can be helped to build up.

These fundamental beliefs are relevant in all society!

You can find more detailed information on Guy Claxton's website:

Building Learning Power is based around 4 key learning dispositions;

Resilience - Resourcefulness - Reflectiveness - Reciprocity

These dispositions are inherent in us all regardless of race, society or ability!

There are - NO LIMITS TO BUILDING LEARNING POWER!  This is incredibly empowering and we hope to impart this power to the children!

At Kennett Primary we use four fun characters to represent these dispositions.  

Click on the links to see them…

 Building Learning Power Characters:

I'm Reggie the Resilient Spider

I'm Ronnie the Resourceful Owl

I'm Rex the Reflective Polar Bear

I'm Rosie the Reciprocal Orangutan

 The language of Building Learning Power is positive and uplifting and can be used in and out of school.  It would be great if you could use this ‘child friendly’ language at home too.  We want the children to learn with enthusiasm and courage.  

Mistakes are great, this just means we are learning!

If I try, try, try … then I can, can, can!