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After School Club

After School Club

We are super proud of our After School Club which is a fun, relaxing and enjoyable environment for the children of Kennett Primary School to attend!

At After School Club we offer quality after school care for children aged 4-11 years old.  Our staff are all experienced and some work in various other roles within primary schools and so are well known by the children.  All staff have the appropriate safety checks and are DBS checked and suitably qualified to be able to support and lead your children at After School Club.

 These are our sessions and prices:

After school Half session: 3.15pm to 4.30pm - £5.25 (food is provided)

After school Mid-session: 3.15pm to 5pm - £6.75 (food is provided)

After school Full session: 3.15pm - 5.30pm - £8.25 (food is provided)

Please view our wraparound care terms and conditions here.

At our After School Club, we promote the principles of play:

that children's play is freely chosen and that through play children can explore, learn and develop as individuals. Our aim is to provide opportunities for each child to achieve his or her potential in a fun, friendly, nurturing and secure environment.  Your child's enjoyment, care and safety are our main concerns.


We promote a family feel at After School Club and create a homely environment for children to be able to relax and enjoy their afternoon following a day packed full of exciting learning! We model and encourage children to be kind, caring an considerate to those around us by also using the whole school approach of  being a ‘bucket filler and not a bucket dipper’ to show empathy for others. Children will often help one another when needed due to the age range of the children, this is also particularly lovely for siblings to be able to stay together.  


After School Club is a great opportunity to build friendships with a variety of different children.

What The Children Say:

“After School Club is fun! My favourite thing to do is to go outside and relax in the sunshine!” - Luke

“The things I like about after school club is how I feel when I’m there and the equipment like the hula hoops and balls.” - Gregor

Our daily routine at After School Club is the children coming straight through from their classrooms, putting their bags and coats away and then going through to register in our comfy room. Once the children have been registered, they will help prepare and set out snack. They can enjoy a healthy and tasty snack which children can pick the week before. During our snack time we promote a homely environment and talk about our day as a group. Once we have tidied snack away together, there is the opportunity for children to play freely.

Activities vary, and can include arts and crafts, cooking, Lego, outdoor play, board games, small world toys, Wii and movies to name a few! There are often a selection of adult-led activities that the children have the option of participating in. The children have access to all the outside spaces at the school. when with an after school club leader.  These include the Spinney, which has a variety of climbing equipment and the school playground, where we are able to play outdoor sports such as parachute games, football and other fun games.

We follow current themes, for example, Christmas, Easter, Spring, Winter, Halloween or even class topics which have sparked children's interests. Children enjoy these activities and thrive from opportunities to explore and enjoy interesting activities that they may not be able to experience outside of After School Club.

If you are interested in joining please contact the school office for further details. Free taster sessions are available if you would like your child/children to try. 

 Many kind thanks

The After School Club Team