The Weatheralls Primary School

School Meals

Health Promoting School

What is a Healthy School?

A healthy school promotes the health and well-being of its pupils and staff through a well-planned, taught curriculum in a physical and emotional environment that promotes learning and healthy lifestyle choices.

The initiative extends to five key areas. 

These are: Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Education, Sex and Relationship Education, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Emotional Health and Well-being.

Kennett School is also implimenting SEAL which stands for Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning.  This is a focus on teaching social and emotional and behavioural skills to all children.

School Dinners/Snacks

Kennett School has its own kitchen and attractive well balanced meals are served on a cafeteria basis, with a choice of a meat and a vegetarian option alongside a daily jacket potato with a choice of topping e.g. cheese, beans, tuna etc.  There is also a salad bar which all children can help themselves too. The children are also offered a choice of desert alongside a fruit option. Children sit with their friends and are supervised by the Cook and Midday Supervisors. The quality of the food provided by the kitchen caterers is particularly good and we have a high proportion of children taking this lunchtime option. 

Throughout the year the kitchen staff also prepare special "themed" menus linked to events happening outside of school. Examples of these have been World Cup, Guy Fawkes and Wimbledon menus.

The price of a school meal is currently £2.25 per day.  Please arrange at the office to sign up for the quick and easy to use ParentPay system which gives parents full control for paying for school meals for their children.  

To see this term's menu, click on Bubble and Squeak below.

Your child will qualify for free school meals if you are currently receiving Income Support or Income Based Job Seekers Allowance. Application forms are available from the school office. The system that we have for payment and serving of meals means that it is not obvious to others that your child is receiving free school meals.

At Kennett Primary, we actively promote healthy eating so we ask that fizzy drinks, chocolate bars and sweets etc are NOT brought into school either in packed lunches or snacks.

Healthy snacks can be brought in by the pupils to eat at morning break. The food should be placed in a named, sealed container and we ask that snacks such as fruit etc be peeled/segmented prior to bringing to school.

Children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 are entitled to a free piece of fruit a dayChildren under the age of 5 are also entitled to milk.  If your child would like to continue to receive milk once they have reached the age of 5 then this can be signed up and paid for.

Children in the Early Years are offered a healthy snack of toast / crackers etc. alongside their fruit and milk and this is paid separately at £9 for the academic year or £3 per term.