The Weatheralls Primary School


Cambridgeshire County Council is responsible for Reception admissions to the school. Full details of the admissions policy are set out in the “Cambridgeshire Schools Admissions” booklet.

Children enter Kennett School in the Autumn term of the school year they turn 5 years old. These Reception children will attend school for mornings to start with but will  attend full time within the first two weeks. Our Published Admission Number (PAN) is 15.

We are aware that starting school can be daunting for both parents and children. We hope to allay any anxieties that you may have. In the Summer term before your child starts school you and your child will be offered several opportunities to visit the school and meet the Reception/Year 1 teacher.

These will include:

  • The Reception/Year 1 teacher will visit those children who attend local nurseries to meet the children in surroundings that are familiar to them.
  • A parent’s introduction meeting to give you further information, an insight into school life and an opportunity for you to voice any concerns that you may have about your child starting school.
  • All children allocated a place by the County Council will be invited to attend 4 story sessions late in the Summer term to accustom them to the school surroundings. They will also be invited to attend two mornings at the end of the Summer term to help integrate them into school.

If you have any specific issues about which you require information please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Data Protection Act

Information from home is gathered initially on an admission form. This is held on a school computer and is covered by the Data Protection Act. It is vital that we are informed of any changes in emergency phone numbers or other essential information immediately that they take effect.

For further infomation regarding admissions:-

Tel: 01223 699201